The Vanity Tray

We all are using makeup vanity to dress up in our daily lives or occasionally. It's a place where you stand and say ” wow, I am looking remarkably stunning”. I remember every morning when I stand in front of the mirror with all dressed up, my mom says, ” you are looking like a princess or a star. Thanks mom, to make me feel like this. I love to make my vanity table by adding pretty makeup items.  Today I am going to share the post about Vanity Tray. 

I made my own vanity tray. So let's begin with some ingenuity. 
Supplies:- Mirrored Tray Silver bling wrap Scissors  Hot glue gun
Step one:- Take the mirrored tray and clean it with glass cleaner. You can take circle, square or rectangle shape of any size that fits your vanity table. I am using a rectangle shape which is perfect for my vanity table.  Step two:- Cut the 7-8 lines of silver bling wrap with the help of scissors. 4-5 lines for the outer area and some for the inner area of the tray. Use the nice scissor so  that you can get proper…

Startonight Canvas Wall Art - Full Moon Water Reflection, Sky Framed

Hello everyone, In this post I am going to tell you about wall paintings. One of the best ways to truly make a house feel like a home is to pick out the best possible decorative elements. While there are delightful figurines, Whether it is a small painting in a bathroom or a bigger piece in a great room, a good wall display helps to bring attention to the desired space and draws the eye upward. 
Each homeowner is truly unique, there are a number of ways to bring together the desired look using the chosen types and styles of art. Different decorative elements have different importance to decor a house. Many delightful figures, vases, and sculptures available to choose from, there is nothing quite like the stunning statement that the right selection of wall art makes in any room of the home.
If you have everything in your home decor accessories, but still you are missing something that is wall paintings. A wall is always incomplete without wall hangings, wall art or wall paintings. 
Some o…

Gold Candle Holder with Crystals

Hello everyone, in this blog I am going to talk about candle holders. They come in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes, so getting the right one for each place in the home is a breeze. Candleholders make excellent gifts for birthdays, weddings, housewarming, anniversaries, and other special occasions.
What is the best style of candle holders for my home? Choose a candleholder or set of them that will go with the rest of the decor of the rooms where you'll put them.
Where is the best place to put candle holders? They can go anywhere in the home.  Use candles for a centerpiece in the middle of the dining room table during holiday and other special dinners. Place them in the bedroom to create a romantic mood. Line the bathtub with candles in candleholders to create a calm, Zen-like mood. Which of the candle holders are best for a dining room table? If the table is small, choose a single candleholder or just a couple to add beauty to the center piece. For a larger dining table, consider …

European Style Table Lamp

Hello everyone, I hope you liked my last post about Sunburst mirror. Today I am going to talk about table lamps especially for rooms. For me, having a table lamp in my room complete my room’s interior design . I love table lamps a lot. If someone ask me, “what you want in your room as room decor?” I just straight away say ‘Table Lamps’. I am going to share my views about table lamps. 
There are various kind of style and sizes of table lamps are Available these days. In this blog I will talk about European lamps. I like the European style of lamp as they are having beauty of vintage style as well as modern style. A table lamp is a beautiful way to freshen up your existing décor and add new textures to your living space. Table lamps rest on all furniture types and can essentially go into any room in your home such as the living room, bedroom, or office.
Table lamps are a decorative décor option for your room as well as home decor. Your table lamp should provide subtly ambient light, rathe…

Sunburst Wall Hanging Mirror

The Sunburst wall mirror

Hello everyone, Mirrors are for more than admiring your striking beauty as you catch your reflection. Design professionals use materials not only as a style enhancement, but also to transform the look of a room without knocking down a single wall or making any other changes. Today I am going to share my idea about decorating a home using sunburst wall mirrors. 
I will talk about the Gold Wall Mirror Nordic Vintage Iron Shabby Chic Round Sunburst Wall Mirror
Want to make your space look bigger or need a simple way to bring in more natural sunlight? Sunburst mirrors are one of the go-to mirrors to use as a functional statement piece. Their decorative nature paired with the large mirrored surface can reflect natural light to make your space look brand new. See just how easy it can be to incorporate a sunburst mirror in your home!
Sunburst wall mirrors are also ideal for adding character to a room. A home that is beautifully decorated is nice, but designs should be th…

High-end look flower vase

Hello everyone, I hope you all like my DIY ideas. I tried to make the items classy with low and cheap price. Here is my another post about flower vase.

Supplies:- Plastic hard bottle Golden spray paintSilver adhesive ribbon Silver bling wrap
Step one:- Take a long length bottle and clean it with glass cleaner.

Step two:- Paint the bottle with golden colour. Spray paint is a good option rather than paint with a brush. 

Step three:- For decorating I used silver adhesive glitter tape. Place the tape on all rounded part from top to bottom. It gives stunning look to the vase.

Step four:- After that glue the golden bling wrap to each section under the tape.

Your high end look vase is ready to spread it’s stunning look. Place it according to your choice or where it fits best.

The easier way to make candle holders

Unique style candle holders 
Candle plays a vital role in our daily life. We are using candle for special occasions like wedding, birthday parties, a romantic dinner and sometimes to get relaxation, brighten up a house and enumerate personality into your home. Candle holders are having their own importance to lighten up the candles. So why not make your own candle holder? Today I am going to share my design of candle holders. 

Step one:- This kind of plastic drinking bottle is very unique in design so I decided to convert this drink bottle into candle holders.

 Step two:- Cut down the stem into two pieces one is larger and other one is smaller.

Step three:- Cut down the pieces from satin ribbon of 6cm to make design at the bottom.

Step four:- Cut 5-6 pieces from the purple satin ribbon and glue them by glue gun. 

Step five:- glued the pieces like a falls of the skirt or a dress. Make both the candle holder like this

Cosmetic holders DIY

Hello, friends, I hope you all doing well this week. In my last post, I shared the idea of making a vanity tray. This week I am going to prepare cosmetic holders for the dressing table as well as for my vanity tray. I like jewels a lot because they are beautiful, and being rare. 

I endeavour to create cosmetic holders by using my household items. 
Supplies:- - Tin Can
- Black Ribbon 
- White half pearls
- Golden Bling Wrap

Step one:- Take a small can and wash it properly from inside and outside. Let it dry and start work on it. 

Step two:-  To cover the can use black ribbon which is 2cm in width. Glue the ribbon from top to bottom using a hot glue gun so that the ribbon will get a stronghold on the can.

Step three:- For decor, I use white half-moon pearls. I put one layer at the bottom of the holder. 

Step four:- After adding one layer of pearls put a single layer of golden bling wrap. Repeat the whole procedure until the top of the holder.

Second cosmetic holder
For this holder use small glass metal…